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Word from Jerusalem

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March 2020
Remember the Children


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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

February 2020 - Prepare the Way in 2020

In our February 2020 edition: "Balaam and the Fringes of the Camp: Choosing the Right Outlook toward God's People," and update on our ICEJ AID projects, encouraging updates from our worldwide branches, and "How Anti-Semitic Alliances Unite Enemies."

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

January 2020 - Feast Report

In this special Feast of Tabernacles edition you'll find encouraging testimonies from this year's celebration. Each day and evening was full of amazing worship and teaching. From the Cook Islands to Egypt to the USA - pilgrims were blessed at they attended events. Also included is a special report from this year's young adults tour and updates on our ministry to the people of Israel.

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

December 2019 - A Milestone in Aliyah

Our year-end issue contains a Christmas devotional article, "To a City of Galilee Named Nazareth" in which the Hebrew word Netzer is explored. You'll also find a look at our newest Milestone in Aliyah and a timeline of our accomplishments in since 1980. "The Knock on Bibi" examines the not so evident hardships faced by Prime Minister Netanyahu and "The 'Big Lie' Against the Jews" exposes propaganda strategy employed by Hitler and unfortunately still in use today.

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