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What Leaders are Saying...

Endorsements of the ICEJ and its work in Israel

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Teddy Kollek at ICEJ opening

Ever since the founding of the ICEJ in 1980, Israeli Prime Ministers, Knesset Members and dignatories of all kinds have joined Christian leaders from around the world in endorsing our work. What follows is a short summary of what leaders are saying about he ICEJ...


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

"I came here to thank you for your support in our great endeavor. It has been consistent. It has been has been very, very effective. The State of Israel is stronger because of your support."

Jack Hayford, Church on the Way

"It is my conviction that they are a prophetic ministry raised up by God for “such a time as this” to represent the support of the worldwide Body of Christ for Israel. I am proud to say that they are my Embassy in Jerusalem. I encourage you to do the same."

Kay ArthurNir Barkat

Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries

"I am awed as I hear and see first hand the strategic omniscience of God in raising up and sustaining the ICEJ in Jerusalem. They have been a true friend to Israel as we await the sure fulfillment of Isaiah 2:2-4.”

Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem

“It warms our heart here in Jerusalem to see the support and love you all have for our see you come here as pilgrims supporting Jerusalem, by being here and by praying for us...Your solidarity here today is very meaningful for us."

Jane Hansen HoytRobertson

Jane Hansen Hoyt, Aglow International

"This organization, comprising believers in over 125 nations, has been a vehicle for reaching out to Jewish people to express love and concern in tangible ways as well as helping to educate millions of Christians about Israel’s unique biblical calling."

Pat Robertson, CBN/Regent University

"God is using the ICEJ as a trumpet call to the nations regarding our biblical mandate to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. Truly, God has raised up the International Christian Embassy for such a time as this."


Ben Kinchlow, Americans for Israel

“The ICEJ exemplifies the truth that the greatest among you would be your servant. The nation of Israel and the Christian community are both well served by its leadership."

The Late Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon

“"Your presence (here in Israel) is a strong message for the whole world. Your solidarity and friendship is important for us - very important."


The Late Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin

"We in Israel appreciate your presence here in Jerusalem very much, especially during these crucial times... whenever we see people that care, that are involved, and who show this by deeds, and by words - we appreciate this."

The Late Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek

“We thank you all for being here, for coming here faithfully every year. Your faith gives us strength. We know that you are many but we know that you are representing many, many more."


The Late Prime Minister, Menachem Begin:

“Your decision, to found the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem - at a time, when we were left alone by others because of our faith - was a bold act and a symbol of your closeness to us. Your gestures and your acting gave us the feeling that we are not alone."



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