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Word from Jerusalem

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April 2018
25 Years of ICEJ Homecare


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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem

March 2018 - No Time to Lose: New Building Needed for Holocaust Survivors

Building a Legacy - ICEJ launches campaign to house 13 additional Holocaust Survivors, updates from our world-wide branches, ICEJ AID and on "Operation Good Neighbor," Your Israel Answer: By Susan Michael, ICEJ USA Director Visit us at and Your Israel Answer: How Can We Help Palestinian Refugees?

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

February 2018 - New Things: The Next Season for Israel and the Church

Articles include: "I Will do a New Thing," "The Importance of Jerusalem as Capital" and "The Controversy Over Zion: US President touches off Firestorm over Jerusalem Decision," 2017 in review, updates from the US Branch, and more!

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

January 2018 - A Look Back to the 2017 Feast & A Look Ahead to 2018

A look back on our 2017 tour to the Feast of Tabernacles and our young adults tour, a look ahead to our 2018 tours, ICEJ AID updates, and more ...

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

December 2017 - No Apologies for Balfour: 100 Years Later

In this month's edition a look at the Balfour Decision on its 100th anniversary, "The Reformation and Israel," interviews with immigrant families, and more ...

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