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Word from Jerusalem

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July 2019
Why is Aliyah from Ethiopia critical?


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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem June 2019

June 2019 - Equipping Israel to Fight Fires

In this month's magazine, find articles on "The Breach Where the Church Parted Ways with Israel" and "Taking Israel Out of the Bible." Also find updates from ICEJ AID on the ICEJ's work with helping place children in need of adoption, the Haifa Home, and more.

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

May 2019 - Ethiopian Aliyah

This month's magazine will explore PM Netanyahu's recent Knesset victory and the struggles he will face to remain in power. We'll also look at President Trump's recent comments on the Golan Heights. Included are updates on Yad Vashem, ICEJ AID, Aliyah, and our worldwide branches.

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April 2019 - Coming Home Alone

In this month's magazine you'll learn about the amazing "Naale" program which helps Ukrainian youth start a better life in Israel - without their parents! You'll also find a look at anti-Semitism through the ages in "The Rise of an Ancient Hatred." Aliyah has increases 95% over the last year and ICEJ partners are a big part of that. Other updates from ICEJ AID and our worldwide branches are included.

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ICEJ; Word from Jerusalem

March 2019 - Have You Not Read?

This month's issue contains a look at the importance of the written Word of God in articles written by ICEJ President, Dr. Jürgen Bühler and US Director, Susan Michael. Also included are updates from ICEJ AID and our worldwide branches and a look at the progress and fallacies of the BDS movement.

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IICEJ; Word from Jerusalem

February 2019 - Beginnings: The God of Time

In this month's magazine will explore God's plan throughout time, anti-Semitism's modern day rise and our Christian response, Aliyah, and the ICEJ's work to protect Israeli citizen's at risk of rocket fire.

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ICEJ Word from Jerusalem January 2019

January 2019 - 2018 Feast Highlights

In this month's magazine you'll find a recap of the 2018 Feast of Tabernacles tour and celebration which includes an inside look at our tour and reflection upon the teaching's and worship heard throughout the event. Also included is an update on the situation on the Gaza Border.

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ICEJ: Word from Jerusalem

December 2018 - Evil Pursuit of the Jewish People

In this month's magazine you can read about "Your Impact in Israel" - a year-end update, the ICEJ's response to the murderous anti-Semitic attack in Pittsburgh, an update on our Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors, and more!

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