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We Are Becoming a “Post-Truth” Society

An update from the desk of Susan Michael

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Posted on: 
27 May 2020
We Are Becoming a “Post-Truth” Society

Coronavirus Shutdown Update

The coronavirus shutdown has meant an incredible amount of stress for many people—either from losing a job or working from home while homeschooling children and cooking three meals a day. Some funny videos have been circulating that make light of the multitasking required and the many pets who stole the show during video conference calls!

We at the ICEJ have certainly mastered the art of working remotely as we have not just continued our ministry but have been busier than ever. Our May 2020 Word From Jerusalem magazine reports on our many activities in Israel and around the world.

At the same time, we are busy building new communications and educational tools to have a greater impact for Israel in the future. The world will never be the same after this pandemic, and our challenge is to stay on top of the many changes in communications and operations that are developing.

We Are Becoming a “Post-Truth” Society

One change taking place in our world that preexisted the pandemic but has become quite noticeable during this time is the world’s progression toward a “post-truth” society. The proliferation of “fake news” has made us suspect all news. The subversive actions of the “deep state” have caused us to lose trust in our government. And the politicians who demonize the other rather than band together for the good of the country have made us lose respect for elected officials. It is becoming difficult to discern what is even true anymore.

This is a very serious situation as it leaves many people confused and vulnerable to misinformation, intentional disinformation, and conspiracy theories. In this atmosphere, anti-Semitic theories will run rampant, and more people will believe them.

Those of us involved in supporting Israel have been up against “fake news” for decades. In fact, the case could be made that the Jewish people were the first target of fake news, such as when accused of the blood libel in the Middle Ages, blamed for the bubonic plague in the fifteenth century, or said to be sub-human by the Nazis. This history teaches us when rumors and conspiracy theories spread unchecked, it is dangerous for the Jewish people.

In fact, a recent study uncovered that over half of American Jews have either witnessed or directly experienced anti-Semitism during the past five years, and 63 percent feel less safe than they did a decade ago. This is happening on our soil, and we must do something about it.

A Revolutionary Act . . .

A quote that keeps coming to my mind about this may have originated with George Orwell and says, “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” We are moving quickly toward a time of universal deceit and must be prepared to speak the truth. It is a spiritual battle that we must fight in prayer, but it is also a battle of words, and we must be courageous enough to speak the truth.

It is the church that can stop anti-Semitism from gaining more ground in the United States, but we must begin at home. Dangerous trends within the American church are opening the door to anti-Semitism, and we must address them. I speak more about this in my article "Does Christian Anti-Semitism Exist?"

So, while there may have been a coronavirus “shutout,” there was no “shutdown” for the ICEJ! We are busy assisting the needy in Israel during this crisis but are also preparing for the future and the dangers that lurk ahead. Please stand with us in prayer as we pray for you and your families—for your protection, health, and strength. If you ever have a personal prayer request, feel free to contact us as we pray regularly for you.

Thank you for your generous partnership during this critical time. I realize that some of you are giving at a time of great personal need. May the Lord bless you as His Word promises, and may he provide for you an abundant harvest from all the seeds you have sown into His work (Luke 6:38).

— by Susan M. Michael, ICEJ USA Director

The ICEJ is working hard to represent your Christian love and support for the people of Israel. We are also preparing the communications and educational tools to defend the Jewish people and support Israel like never before. Your prayers and partnership are critical. Please stand with us, and let’s walk into tomorrow together.


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