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Timeline of ICEJ Aliyah Ministry

From 1980 until today

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ICEJ: Aliyah - France



ICEJ: Founding1980  ICEJ Founded

1980 Steve Lightle’s prophetic word that Russian Jews from the Northwest region would come through Finland. 


ICEJ: Mordecai Outcry1981 Mordechai Outcry
ICEJ: 1980s ICEJ is deeply involved in the Soviet Jewry movement
ICEJ: Eva Huber1984 ICEJ Finland founded and supports in the work in Vienna. Eva’s center has helped approximately 60000 Russian Jewish emigrants,
 1986 ICEJ Jerusalem joins officially in the aliyah work with Soviet Jews in Vienna along other branches as well
 1989 Soviet Jews begin making aliyah through Finland.
 1990 ICEJ sponsor’s the first of 53 full airplane charter flights. 

1990 ICEJ Finland organizes the Finnish Exodus Committee which would bring more than 20,000 Russian Jews to Israel

 1991 ICEJ supports the ‘Exobus' Project bringing Jews to the airports in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Eastern Europe
 1991 ICEJ Aliyah route through Budapest begins
 1992 Raoul Wallenberg Center established in Budapest to assist Swiss branch bringing Jews out of Western Ukraine in convoys
 1996 St. Petersburg office establish by the Finnish branch.
 1996 ICEJ Finland sends aliyah bus to Central Asia
 1998 Far Distant cities Project established
 1999 ICEJ Russian Branch registered
 2000 Chinese Jews make aliyah through Finland
 2001 9/11 begins to increase aliyah from North America
 2002 Beit Ha Tikva program begins
 2003 Russian Jews assisted making aliyah from North America (until 2012)
 2004 ICEJ fishing trip to New York City.
 2005 Russian Jews assisted making aliyah from Germany (until 2011)

2006 Howard Flower appointed ICEJ aliyah director

 2006 ICEJ begins again sponsoring group and individual aliyah flights

2006 ICEJ begins aliyah work in Belarus

 2007 Fishing program begins in France
 2008  ICEJ starts helping with the JAFI Red Carpet Program
 2009 ICEJ begins sponsoring aliyah flights from Sweden
 2010 ICEJ sponsors first aliyah flight for French Jews 
 2010 ICEJ begins work in the Baltic counties of Latvia and Lithuania
 2012 ICEJ begins sponsoring Flights of the Bnei Menashe (more than 1,000)
 2013 ICEJ begins fishing program in Eastern Ukraine
 2014 ICEJ begins supporting Aliyah from Ukraine (more than 1,000 rescued)
 2015 ICEJ sponsors 5 young ladies from Kaifeng to make aliyah.
 2016 ICEJ Begins sponsoring another major wave of Ethiopian Aliyah


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