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Ten Bomb Shelters for Israel

Help Protect Israelis Under Attack From Gaza

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ICEJ: Bomb Shelters

The Problem

Even though Israel has Iron Dome Missile defense batteries throughout the South, they cannot stop all of the rockets that are fired from Gaza. Hamas has also figured out that the Iron Dome can only bring down rockets that are launched with a high trajectory. Therefore, in one of the recent rocket barrages they aimed low, penetrating below the defensive shield.

According to a recent study by The Israel Trauma and Resilience Center, mental distress rates for residents in southern Israel are 21 percent higher than the rest of the country.

The Response

Bomb shelters save lives. It's as simple as that. But, more than that, their existence brings comfort to a highly traumatized population who gain a greater sense of security and peace of mind when they know a shelter is nearby. Having a bomb shelter in their community, or at their children’s school, allows parents to sleep a little better at night and children to enjoy playtime at school.

Knowing these shelters come from Christians who are praying for them and advocating for them in the nations also brings great encouragement.

Ten Bomb Shelters

We are over three quarters of the way to our goal of raising the necessary funds to place 10* more bomb shelters in southern Israel and three of the shelters have already been placed while three more are under construction!

With your help, we can reach our goal and help protect traumatized Israelis in the South.

*Number of shelters may vary as cost of each depends on size and type of construction required.

GOAL: $240,000

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