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Understanding Israel - DVD

The History, the Mystery & the Battle for Israel in Our Day

Understanding Israel - DVD

Recorded live at World Outreach Church, this 5-part DVD will equip you with a better understanding of the complex historical, political, and biblical issues necessary to answer Israel's critics.

The return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland is an unprecedented event in human history; a moment clearly promised in the pages of scripture, and a demonstration of the faithfulness of the God of the Bible. Now, more than 60 later, there is a global propaganda campaign seeking to rewrite history and delegitimize Israel.  No other nation is so systematically demonized. No other nation suffers the threat of constant annihilation while having to justify its own right to exist.

A Five-Part DVD Featuring:
Rev. Malcolm Hedding, Susan Michael, Daryl Hedding
Pastor John Small, Michael Hines, Rev. Larry Booth


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