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For Such a Time as This - DVD

Raising Up a Generation to Stand with the Jewish People

For Such a Time as This - DVD

Recorded live at World Outreach Church, this 4-part DVD will explore:

  • Lessons from the Holocaust
  • Those Who Dared to be Rescuers
  • Anti-Semitism Today
  • Modern Threats of Genocide
  • The Importance of Israel

In this generation the world's antagonism toward Christians, Jews, and Israel is escalating. The logical thing is to stand together. In this four-part DVD, we focus on barriers to positive relationships between Jews and Christians from the time of Jesus until the present day. Those who view this series will not only gain an understanding of the growing threat of modern anti-Semitism, but will be equipped with a better understanding of the past so that that today and in the future, they will stand with the Jewish people and Israel with strength, intellgence, and love.

A Four-Part DVD Featuring:
Susan Michael, Dr, Carrie Burns, Susanna Kokkonen, Susie Sandager
JoAnn Magnuson, Esther Levens, Ron Cantrell, Carol Cantrell


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