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Discerning the Times - DVD

Featuring Susan Michael, Malcolm Hedding, Allen Jackson et al

Discerning the Times DVD

Recorded live at World Outreach Church in June 2008, this 4-part DVD examines the major shifts taking place in the world today: the restoration of the Israel, the rise of modern Islam and the hope of redemption in God's Word.

A major shift has taken place in Christianity. The Church is learning to relate to the Jewish people with love, honoring them for their role in our faith. Politically, the Church is learning to relate to a Jewish nation-state: Israel.

But, a dangerous shift is also taking place today, and that is the confrontation between Islam and the Judeo-Christian world. Islam's ruthless quest for world domination, coupled with its persecution in the Middle East of other religions and minorities poses a great threat to us all.

Thanks to God, there is hope and good reason to be inspired by the promises of His Word.

A Four-Part DVD Featuring:
Rev. Malcolm Hedding, Susan Michael, Dr. Marvin Wilson
Rev. Allen Jackson, Rev. Majid El-Shafie, JoAnn Magnuson


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