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What are we doing to stop anti-Semitism?

No people have done more to bless the world than that of the Jews

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31 Oct 2018
What are we doing to stop anti-Semitism?

The Modern Manifestation of a Historical Evil

The slaughter of eleven Jews, while they worshipped the God of Israel in the Tree of Life Synagogue situated in Pittsburgh USA, on Saturday morning the 27th October was an act that goes well beyond anti-Semitism because it was evil, wicked and demonic. It was in every way the actions of a man who had no doubt bought into all the lies and conspiracies theories about the Jews and was consequently prepared to act. For him every Jew has to be killed and there is no doubt that the social media, which is awash with this stuff, had a role in all of this. Again, as it has been through all of history, the Jews are blamed for all the ills of our world and whether they live among the nations or even in their own state there are evil men, movements and states like Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran and many more who are determined to liquidate them. More troubling still is the fact that many western politicians are in the process of appeasing these groups and thus bestowing upon them the stamp of respectability. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, is just one such example and there are many more.

The Peril of Remaining Passive

Throughout the western world neo-Nazi groups are again arrogantly walking the streets of Europe and beyond calling for the destruction of Israel and even in America these fascists are emerging from the shadows with their message of hate and destruction leveled at the Jews and Israel. In recent years anti-Semitic incidents have risen in America and on the campuses of American Universities those who support Israel and speak up for her are aggressively shut down and threatened. When a society tolerates these things it is making space for radicals to do what happened on Saturday. It is shameful and heartbreaking!

The Light from the Jewish People

No people have done more to bless the world than that of the Jews. Their light that has come from their Bible has revolutionized the world and transformed its manners and governing systems. The Judeo/Christian value system has made nations great and this is particularly true of the United States of America. However, when these are despised and systematically pushed out of society, we lose our moral compass, and evil begins to emerge unrestrained. It must also be noted that no President has done more to stand with Israel and the Jewish people than Donald J Trump and to implicate him in this awful crime is outrageous. This is a day for all of us to hang our heads in shame and not to point fingers at others. We must ask ourselves, “What are we doing to stop anti-Semitism and in general to make our world a more tolerant and peaceful one?”

We Must Choose to Stand Against Evil

Our hearts then go out to the Jewish community of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, and to our Jewish friends all over the world. We stand with you today and share your grief and commit ourselves as ever to fighting anti-Semitism, wherever we find it expressed.


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