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US Donors Help Purchase Three New Bomb Shelters

Blessing Southern Israel

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29 Jul 2019
US Donors Help Purchase Three New Bomb Shelters

At the ICEJ USA annual conference in May, a special presentation was made of three more bomb shelters to be placed in southern Israel. The check was presented to the ICEJ’s partner, Operation Lifeshield Executive Director Rabbi Shmuel Bowman.

The funds for one of the shelters had been donated to ICEJ by Song for Israel President Deby Brown, in southern California. This was the third shelter the group had placed through the ICEJ. The remaining funds came from various donors across the United States.

When Rabbi Bowman was first told about the donation that would be presented to him at the conference, he teared up—partly due to his gratitude and partly due to exhaustion as he had been on the phone throughout the previous night with security personnel in southern Israel who were dealing with sirens and rocket attacks all night. The news of three more shelters was a great encouragement to him and to the security personnel.

At the conference, Rabbi Bowman shared an update about the situation in southern Israel and the need for additional bomb shelters. He explained that even though Israel has Iron Dome Missile defense batteries throughout the area, they cannot stop all of the rockets. Hamas has also figured out that the Iron Dome can only bring down rockets that are launched with a high trajectory. Therefore, in one of the recent rocket barrages they aimed low, firing below the Iron Dome’s trajectory.

Beyond saving lives, another important effect of bomb shelters is the comfort their existence brings to a highly traumatized population. The Israel Trauma and Resilience Center (NATAL in Hebrew) recently released a study that said there are particularly high mental distress rates in southern Israel—21 percent more than residents in the rest of the country. These traumatized residents gain a greater sense of security and peace of mind when they know a shelter is nearby.

Having a bomb shelter in their community, or at their children’s school, allows parents to sleep a little better at night and children to enjoy playtime at school. Knowing these shelters come from Christians who are praying for them and advocating for them in the nations also brings great encouragement.  


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