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Oasis of Hope

Rehabilitation Center

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10 Jul 2018
Oasis of Hope

Despair is an overwhelming feeling for those trapped in the grip of drug or alcohol addiction. The ICEJ has partnered with Oasis of Hope, a program that provides practical help and restoration for addicts seeking a new path in life. Raja Salameh knows personally what it is like to struggle with addiction, which is why he has a deep passion and calling to help others overcome their struggles. He shared with us, “Over thirty years ago, God set me free. Now, I want to help others find that same release from bondage.”

The ICEJ has come alongside Raja to help him begin a formal ministry in his Arab community. Born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem, Raja sees the reality of the lives and families that are being destroyed by addiction. With this passion in his heart, Raja faithfully interacts with the men in his community to help them receive freedom.

Raja mentors, prays for, and encourages Arabic-speaking men who are making the difficult choice to start anew. Some succeed, and yet, with great heartache, we see others slip back into the trap of addiction. Many remain stuck in a pit of despair and are longing for freedom, so join us in this powerful work so we can hear more people say: “He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their chains in pieces” (Psalm 107:14).


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