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ICEJ USA Constructs Fortified Safe Room

Providing Lifesaving Solutions

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7 Feb 2020
ICEJ USA Constructs Fortified Safe Room

The United States and Dutch branches of the ICEJ partnered to construct a fortified room in the Eshkol Regional Resilience Center. The Eshkol Region encompasses 60% of the Gaza border area, and the Resilience Center there provides psychological counseling for many residents suffering from the stress of ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza.

About 4,000 school-age children live in that region, and ovaer 25% of them use the psychological services provided at the trauma center, yet it only had one bomb shelter, which was outside and only accessible by a few of the treatment rooms. There was not enough time for kids receiving treatment in other parts of the center to get to the outdoor shelter—children and their families would simply lie on the floor during the rocket alert sirens. This vulnerability led to even greater stress for children and their parents.

Yizhar Sha’ar, the Eshkol Regional Council Educational Psychological Services Director, explained it is not just children that use the center: “The number of therapists, teachers, and other professionals in the Eshkol Regional Council needing and undergoing therapy at the resilience center is larger than it was in previous rounds of fighting.”

“The need for supporting the Resilience Center in Eshkol was critical,” said Shoshi Levi, Educational Psychological Services Administrator, Eshkol Regional Council. “The new fortified room will be the only bomb shelter inside the building, itself. This will significantly add to the peace of mind, comfort . . . and real lifesaving solution for the students and adults utilizing the Center every day.”

Thank you ICEJ USA and Netherlands!

There are many similar needs that need filling in Israel. Help us fund more projects like this.


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