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21 Jun 2017 (All day)
ICEJ in Germany, Switzerland, Georgia, Norway, Finland, and USA

ICEJ Germany delivers petition to German Federal Ministry of Economics

More than 26,100 signatures were collected by ICEJ Germany to highlight the concern among German Christians over the EU incentive to label Israeli goods on the European continent. The petition was delivered to the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin by ICEJ Germany Director Gottfried Bühler and ICEJ Germany’s Political Consultant Christoph Scharnweber.

The Federal Ministry has received many calls to boycott Israel, so the petition is an important signal indicating many Germans are opposed to it; this is taken seriously in Berlin. The petition states: “Israel’s blossoming economy has created a climate of innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and co-existence without comparison in the Middle East. In Israel, Arabs have unhampered access to democratic rights and commercial opportunities. On the other side of the green line [in the West Bank], the only examples of peaceful coexistence are exactly those enterprises which will be affected by the labeling law. This will harm thousands of Palestinian families that depend on employment from Israeli companies in the West Bank.”  

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ICEJ-Sponsored Oslo Symposium a Great Success

In March, the Oslo Symposium in Norway gathered about 700 conservative Christians for a day of spectacular speeches by the US presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, Mosab Hassan Yousef, known as the “Son of Hamas,” and Dr. Jürgen Bühler, ICEJ President. ICEJ-Norway is one of the main sponsors of the Oslo Symposium, which is the biggest conference for conservative Christians in Norway. The conference was covered by Norway`s two biggest TV channels as well as other news media. 

ICEJ-Norway led by branch director, Dag Øyvind Juliussen, organized and led both the Israel session and the session for the Kåre Kristiansen Memorial Prize.

“I feel honored to receive an award in the name of a man of such integrity,”said Mike Huckabee, two-time US presidential candidate and recipient of the Kåre Kristiansen Memorial Prize for his fearless and unfailing support of Israel. “Kåre Kristiansen was one who understood that God in a special way has given Israel a rebirth, to fulfill His promise that God gave to Abraham. [Kristiansen] lived a life that left footprints we can never fill, but we should try as long as we live.”


Swiss Young Adults Welcome ICEJ Arise

ICEJ Arise, our program with young adults, recently took new ground in Switzerland. Jani Salokangas, the ICEJ Arise director traveled across the country, visiting new churches and forging new ministry relationships. Thanks to the hard work of Arise Director in Switzerland, Joel Bigler and his dedicated team, our work in this land has a bright future. Young adults across the world are hungry for truth, for real biblical teachings and for leaders whom they can trust – and Bigler has earned their trust in his country.

"Our faith is rooted in God's promises for His church, for our lives and for His people of Israel,” said Jani Salokangas after a meeting in Geneva where dozens of young adults gave their life to Christ. “And tonight many got this revelation: God spoke to these young people through His promises!"


ICEJ in Georgia

The ICEJ-Georgia branch held a conference in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, late in January. Packed with biblical teachings and intercession for Israel, the conference was also an opportunity to introduce local believers to the work of the ICEJ in Jerusalem as well as the growing ministry of the ICEJ in their own country. ICEJ-Georgia has been working closely with the local Jewish community in Georgia, and seeds of friendship and solidarity have been planted in the hearts of the young Jews and Christians there.

In February, representatives of the ICEJ met with the Israeli Ambassador to Georgia, Shabtai Tsur, who was very impressed with the Christian support for Israel through the ICEJ’s global network. We hope to celebrate Jerusalem Day in Georgia together, as Jews and Christians.

“What you are doing is more than simple friendship,” said Mr. Tsur. “All of you are Ambassadors of Israel on different levels of the society. I’m looking forward to our cooperation from now on!”


ICEJ in Finland

Director of ICEJ AID Nicole Yoder traveled to Finland in March where she met with Israel and ICEJ supporters and spoke at various events in the south-central part of the country. While there, Yoder also recorded programs for radio shows to bring awareness to and increase support for the people of Israel. Nicole Yoder, who has served in Israel for over two decades, knows the Land and its people well. Her testimonies from Israel touched people’s hearts in Finland, and many were moved to tears. Yoder was warmly received everywhere she went, accompanied by her translator, Johanna Manner, and later Ulla and Kaarlo Jarveleto of ICEJ Finland.


ICEJ USA partners with Israel Allies Foundation

The ICEJ partnered with the Israel Allies Foundation for their annual Jerusalem Day event on Capitol Hill on May 23rd. Scores of Christian and Jewish leaders joined members of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus to urge President Donald Trump to keep his promise and move the US Embassy to Israel’s indivisible capital, Jerusalem. Nine members of Congress gave remarks including Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona) who said, “Next month, when it comes time to sign the waiver ... the president just can’t find his pen.” Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Ed Royce (R-California) pointed out that all religions have had rights in Jerusalem since Israel liberated it 50 years ago. Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) talked of the Jewish people’s 3,000-yearold history in the city. “I’ve been to the site where our embassy is supposed to stand,” Sherman added. “That land is a part of Jerusalem, permanently allocated to Israel under the Saudi peace plan. It is time for the US, when it comes to Jerusalem, to be at least as pro-Israel as the government of Saudi Arabia.”


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