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How do you get a haircut during a pandemic

Life at the Haifa Home

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16 Jun 2020
How do you get a haircut during a pandemic

The hairdressers and barbers in Israel have been closed quite a while now. So what do you do if you desperately need a haircut?

Like Moses, you use what you have in your hand! One of the Haifa Home residents, 92-year-old Fanny, was a hairdresser in Israel for about 50 years.

Fanny was happy to offer her services and gave Eli, a volunteer at the Home, a wonderful new look. Cutting with the scissors she once used many years ago, and without glasses, she tackled the job with great confidence.

Fanny's Story

Fanny was born in Casablanca, Morocco. When the war broke out in Morocco, children were not allowed to go to school anymore. Many Jewish people were put into ghettos, where no doctors were allowed to help and where people had hardly anything to eat. Fanny vividly remembers the bombardments in their street that killed many Jewish people. She will also never forget the sickness and hunger. In 1948, she and her family started the long journey to their new homeland, Israel.


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