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A Hard Day at the Haifa Home

Holocaust Memorial Day

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16 Jun 2020
A Hard Day at the Haifa Home

Holocaust Memorial Day is always a hard day for our residents, and the older they become, the more difficult it gets. Their memories become more distinct and vivid with age and bring some of them to a state of depression.

This year's ceremony took place at the Haifa Home. Instead of a street full of Survivors, family, police, and soldiers, this time the ceremony was held according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health with few residents and attendees.After the introduction and the lighting of the remembrance flame by Shalom Stamberg (97) and Miriam Linial (98), both Survivors of Auschwitz, the moving prayer “El HaRachamim” was sung, and 94-year-old Shlomo Shertzer recited the prayer of mourning.

Yudit Setz stood on behalf of the thousands of ICEJ supporters and spoke to the heart of the residents when she shared:

"Dear Holocaust Survivors, for you this is such a difficult day, and I embrace you with a warm and huge embrace in the name of thousands of Christians who admire you, who think about you, and who pray for you at this time. I have the great privilege of seeing you almost every day, and you have taught me so many things: how to never give up, regardless the difficult circumstances; to live with hope amid the biggest storm, knowing that one day the sun will shine again; to love instead of hate . . .”

We have a moral duty not only to remember but also to take care of those who survived and are still with us today—to let them live out their lives in dignity, respect, and love. We will continue to do so with God’s help.


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