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Fire of God in India

A Look at What God is Doing in India

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6 Jun 2018 (All day)
Fire of God in India

India is a vast subcontinent with a population of more than one billion. Our branch was established about four years ago with Pastor Dany at the head. Many have heard about the miracle restoration he experienced after a gas explosion in his home. The blast totally demolished the building, and it is a wonder that he and his family escaped alive. Nevertheless, he suffered severe burns all over his body. When he lay in pain in the hospital bed, he had a vision of Jesus who asked him, “What do you want me to do?” Pastor Dany started with a small request to be able to move his finger. Contrary to doctors’ predictions, he walked out of the hospital just nine days later with his skin completely restored. Dany wrote a book about his healing, which made him well- known all over India. Thus, what Satan meant for destruction, Jesus turned into life and blessing.

The work in India is flourishing. Dany has built a network of over 120 volunteers in 25 of the 29 Indian states, with regional representatives who are mostly pastors. For my visit, he organised meetings in six states for more than 550 pastors. In addition, there was a meeting for Indian leaders, including a former member of the central government, a deputy speaker of the parliament and other politicians.

Even though India's Evangelical Christians only make up a few percent of the population, they still number between 30 and 50 million born-again believers. One city on the shores of the Bay of Bengal is a testimony to the long Christian tradition in that area. The Apostle Thomas is said to have reached India, and his tomb can be visited today in the city of Chennai. The famous words of Thomas, “My Lord, my God”, are inscribed in large letters for everyone to see.

Pastor Dany is building a stable branch with great potential, so no wonder the devil wanted to kill him. Let us continue to pray for a revival in India. May the fire of God, not that of the enemy, descend on these precious people and turn their hearts to the God of Israel.


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