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Final Review of 2020

How you made a difference this year

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28 Dec 2020
Final Review of 2020

Because of your support, Jews were brought home and helped to settle in Israel, Holocaust Survivors were cared for, vulnerable Israeli communities were protected, and churches and nations all around the world were impacted.

January - Pastors and Leaders Conference • After starting the new year with a month of concerted prayer by our Jerusalem staff, the ICEJ hosted some 100 pastors and ministry leaders from Israel and abroad for our annual Envision conference – an enriching time of Bible teachings, current affairs briefings, encounters with Israelis, and special visits to biblical sites and government offices.

FEBRUARY - A Prophetic Word • ICEJ leaders met in Jerusalem to plan for our 40th Anniversary celebrations during this year’s Feast of Tabernacles. But our ICEJ-Norway national director also spoke from the prophet Habakkuk that a great “shaking” was coming, and within days the Coronavirus started spreading from China.

MARCH  - Coronavirus Aid Begins • As the COVID-19 threat forced Israelis to stay at home, the ICEJ became busier than ever feeding the poor and assisting the elderly in lockdowns. We also began flying hundreds of new Jewish immigrants to Israel on emergency Aliyah flights from Russia, Ukraine and Ethiopia.

APRIL  - New Avenues of Aid • Despite strict lockdowns over the Passover holidays, the ICEJ helped feed and care for more Israelis than ever before over the Pessach season, including hundreds of Holocaust survivors and other elderly Israelis confined to their homes.

MAY - A Landmark Aliyah Flight • ICEJ marked 30 years of Aliyah efforts with a special chartered flight from Russia in late May, adding to the hundreds of Jewish immigrants flown to Israel by our ministry despite the Corona travel bans.

JUNE  - Online Prayer Meeting Intensify • With each passing week of the worldwide health crisis, the ICEJ intensified its online prayer initiatives, including our weekly Global Prayer Gathering, as well as extended online Rosh Chodesh (New Moon) prayer vigils first launched in June.

JULY - Tremendous Strides in Aliyah • By July, the ICEJ had sponsored over 85 direct and connecting flights bringing more than 1,000 new Jewish immigrants to Israel this year from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Ethiopia, despite the Corona global travel bans.

AUGUST - Assisting Fellow Believers • Following the massive blast in Beirut port in early August, the ICEJ raised over $35,000 in contributions to help several churches, prayer houses and other ministries in Lebanon repair damages to their facilities and reach out to their communities with a strong Christian witness.

SEPTEMBER - Standing Up for the Bible • The ICEJ surpassed over 100,000 signatures from 130 nations in a worldwide petition addressed to the Danish Bible Society urging them to recall an alarming new Bible translation which omitted or replaced hundreds of references to “Israel” in both the Old and New Testaments.

OCTOBER - The Feast Goes Global • With travel bans not allowing foreign tourists to enter Israel, the ICEJ transformed our annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration into an online global event, with more speakers, worship artists and seminars, and more viewers from more nations, than ever before.

NOVEMBER  - Growth at the Haifa Home • Plans for renovating and expanding the ICEJ’s Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors were nearing completion, as our volunteer team there continued to care for over 65 residents at the special assisted-living facility first started in 2010. Over the past decade, a few modest apartments has grown to a large project spread over a dozen buildings, now including a community dining hall, museum, and activity center.

DECEMBER - Home for the Holidays • ICEJ is ending the year by sponsoring flights for hundreds of Ethiopian Jews who are part of a renewed wave of Aliyah for the last remnant of this ancient Israelite community.


Help us to continue these great works and embark on new ones!



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