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Comforting Israel

The Many Projects of ICEJ AID

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7 Oct 2020
Comforting Israel

Giving a Future and a Hope

ICEJ AID helps needy Israeli youth and families reach for a brighter future by providing educational enrichment, vocational training, and other practical assistance to improve the long-term quality of life for Israelis. This benevolent outreach is making a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged, children from broken families, at-risk youth, women in crisis, and minority communities, among others.

Caring for Holocaust Survivors

The ICEJ’s Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors has housed and lovingly cared for almost 100 elderly Survivors since its founding over ten years ago. In addition, many Survivors living throughough the Haifa area come to the Home to participate in special events with their peers. The Haifa Home provides a warm, loving family in a secure place of residence. Daily hot meals, medical care, and activities are provided for these precious souls who have known great tragedy and loneliness in their lives.

Israel in Crisis

Israel is often forced to deal with sudden crises, when war or natural disaster strike. ICEJ AID steps in to help vulnerable communities in such times of turmoil. This includes providing emergency bomb shelters, firefighting equipment, subsidies for trauma treatment, and professional training for first responders. During the recent arson attacks coming out of Gaza, the ICEJ equipped every municipality throughout the region with firefighting vehicles and trailers. Due to ongoing rocket attacks in the area, the ICEJ has placed some 110 bomb shelters protecting playgrounds, schools, synagogues, and community centers. When emergencies arise, it is a tremendous testimony when Christians are the first to arrive with help.

Aliyah and Integration

The ICEJ has answered the call for Christians to partner with God in the Jewish people’s great prophetic ingathering in modern times. We believe it is the hand of God, in keeping with His promises, to restore Israel after their long exile. For example, the prophet Jeremiah proclaimed: “For I will set my eyes on them for good, and I bring them back to this land; I will build them and not tear them down, and I will plant them and not uproot them” (Jeremiah 24:6). The ICEJ has now assisted nearly 160,000 Jews from around the world to make Aliyah (return) to Israel. ICEJ AID has also helped tens of thousands of new Jewish immigrants adjust to their new lives once back in their forefathers’ land. The ICEJ Homecare program also sponsors Christian nurses who provide in-home hospice care to elderly or disabled Jewish immigrants. 

Your gift today will help us continue these ministries to the people of Israel.


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