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Christian Love for God’s City Has No Expiration Date

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20 Nov 2017 (All day)
Christian Love for God’s City Has No Expiration Date

The 2017 Feast of Tabernacles truly turned out to be a historical celebration. Its primary purposes were to commemorate Jerusalem’s liberation 50 years ago and to celebrate her future promises as the City of God. This year’s Feast had the highest physical attendance in 10 years. Added to that, were more than 500,000 viewers tuning in to the livestream coverage and millions worldwide watching the broadcast of Feast events by God TV and Visjon Norge. The ICEJ also received widespread positive coverage in the national Israeli media, testifying to our good standing in Israeli society and national consciousness.

Feast Highlights
Christians from more than 100 countries and as far away as the Pacific Island nations, came to stand with the Jewish people and give a shout of praise to the God of Israel. Their voices were heard in the moon-lit desert at Ein Gedi as Angus Buchan of South Africa roared out his Zulu-warrior pronunciation of “Amen”, and later quietly led thousands of people in an intimate time of prayer of repentance from unbelief and to increase our faith in the God who does the impossible! 

Onward from the lowest point on earth, we went up to Jerusalem to the Garden Tomb, where a record 2,200 pilgrims overflowed the garden to celebrate their Saviour’s death and resurrection with communion! That evening we moved the conference to Pais Arena, where the Togolese worship team excited the audience with the unique African flavour of dance and hymns to our God. The Fiji team presented a dynamic dance along with harmonious vocals that led thousands into the throne room of Heaven to worship the King of kings! 

Accomplished men and women of God spoke about God’s heart for Jerusalem, Israel, and the nations. We ended the conference in the heart of Jerusalem at the Tower of David inside the Old City walls for a powerful time of prayer and worship to Yeshua!

Honouring Israel’s Heroes
On Israeli Night, following the colourful chaos of the Jerusalem March, where the ICEJ mustered the strongest Christian contingent among record Christian attendance, both Jew and Gentile alike shared the joy of honouring Israel’s heroes. Foremost among these heroes were a handful of the Israeli paratroopers that took part in liberating Jerusalem in 1967, returning Jewish sovereignty to the Western Wall. 

Enduring Truths - Enduring Friendships
The unbroken string of 38 annual ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles testifies to enduring Christian support and love for the Jewish people. This support is not capricious or conditional, but is based on the unchanging word of God and has no expiration date. This is why Jewish singer, Shuli Natan, came to perform the classic victory song “Jerusalem of Gold” from 1967; this is why Christians stand when they hear HaTikva; and this is why you will see the ICEJ next year in Jerusalem, celebrating the 70th year from the founding of the modern State of Israel under the theme, “Dare to Dream”. We hope to see you here next year in Jerusalem!


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