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The Blood Libel Against Israel

Christians must confront the spiritual malady of antisemitism

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14 Jan 2019 (All day)
The Blood Libel Against Israel

The horrific Pittsburgh synagogue massacre in late October left American Jews scrambling to erect new layers of security around their communal lives. Sadly, they are not far behind the Jews of Europe, who have already felt under siege for years. Indeed, there are now metal detectors and armed guards posted outside every Jewish synagogue, day school and community centre across the continent.

The list of recent terror attacks on ‘soft’ Jewish targets is long and far-flung: a Jewish deli in Paris, a day school in Toulouse, a museum in Brussels, a synagogue in Copenhagen. Even as far as Mumbai, India, and the quiet beach resort of Bondi in Australia, violence against Jews is lurking. Whether they are Muslim extremists, radical leftists, or far-right neo-Nazis like the Pittsburgh predator – Jew-haters are on the march everywhere.

No doubt, much of the resurgence in Antisemitism today is fuelled by hatred of Israel. Frustrated by their inability to dent or destroy the Jewish state, many Antisemites lash out at vulnerable Jewish communities nearby. Still, they will never be satisfied until Israel is forced to disappear. And their latest strategy for achieving this goal is quite cunning.

Hauled to The Hague
At the recent International Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem, Israeli deputy prime minister Michael Oren was asked to identify the primary existential threat to Israel in our day. Referring to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, he responded:

“Hamas and Hizbullah rockets are a threat to Israel, but they’re not an existential threat. They know they cannot destroy us with all their rockets, but what they can do is to get us to shoot back… and they will be hiding in family houses… The existential threat to Israel is to get us accused of war crimes. It’s dragging us into the UN Security Council. It’s dragging us into the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and it’s denying us the right to defend ourselves, and ultimately denying us the right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state.”

“All these groups understand the strategy”, Oren explained. “We have fought this battle already four times… and our narrative has been steadily, irreversibly eroded. Our narrative does not get a fair voice… and we have not internalized the threat. We think it’s about tanks and planes, but we don’t have the right to use them. The Israeli army is bigger than the standing armies of France and the UK combined… But the battleground is not Lebanon or Gaza, the battleground is The Hague.”

Oren’s assessment was astonishingly prescient! The very next day, the Palestinian Authority was elevated in status at the United Nations when it was appointed to head the G-77 group of non-aligned nations which controls the majority of votes in UN bodies. From this new position, the PA vowed to press on with its campaign to delegitimise Israel on the world stage. That very same day, the special prosecutor for the Middle East region at the Criminal Court in The Hague openly warned Israel that she was watching closely for actions along the Gaza border which could be tried as war crimes.

The Real Thugs
The UN’s abnormal obsession with Israel is well-documented. The Jewish state is repeatedly condemned in UN forums far more than all other nations put together, even while the real atrocities and abuses being committed by tyrants and rogue regimes are excused or ignored.

Consider that the Russian military, ever since it deployed troops inside Syria in 2015, has been responsible for killing an estimated 18,000 Syrians, mostly civilians, over the past three years. Yet, the UN is silent!

Meantime, the Assad regime in Syria has been killing, wounding and dispossessing Palestinians in far greater numbers than Israel ever did. In their brutal siege on the Yarmuk refugee camp alone, Assad loyalists over recent years have left tens of thousands of Palestinians dead, maimed or homeless.

Even the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have just been accused by Human Rights Watch of imposing “parallel police states” on the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza, where arbitrary arrests and torture are “systematic”. The group even questioned why Western democracies are still funding these repressive regimes.

Yet the campaign to blame Israel alone for all the woes of the Palestinians, and indeed the whole region and even the world, marches on. It is advancing on college campuses and in the entertainment sector through the BDS movement and false apartheid label. The lawfare agenda against Israel is manipulating our court systems. The diplomatic assault on Israel continues to intensify. And the goal is more than just denying Israel the right to exist. Ultimately, it is aimed at convicting Israel of genocide and war crimes in the eyes of the world, in order to justify a final war of extermination against the Jewish state.

Truly, the enemies of Israel all understand this strategy; and it is nothing short of a colossal blood libel against the Jewish state and people.

A Spiritual Disease
Scholars who study Antisemitism have identified three main types of this uniquely persistent hatred – religious, racial and conspiratorial. In the past, Christians were the worst practitioners of the religious form of bigotry towards the Jews, while the Nazis championed racial and conspiratorial theories that slandered and dehumanized them. Today, in the post-Holocaust era, it is all blended together by the hard-right, far-left and radical Islamists.

For instance, they have accused IDF soldiers of killing Palestinians just to sell their organs on the black market. The Mossad was blamed for shark attacks on tourists at Sinai resorts. Israel is purportedly behind all the hurricanes and earthquakes of recent years. And, while Jews are deemed racially and mentally inferior, they somehow are clever enough to control the world. Some scholars even consider Antisemitism a mental disorder that requires treatment, which shows how irrational Antisemitism is.

At its core, Antisemitism is a spiritual malady; a spirit of jealousy and rejection against the Jewish people and we all must choose whether to agree with it or not! In these darkening times, it is crucial that Christians confront the Antisemites of our day. The forebearers of our faith made grave errors when they spread outrageous lies against the Jews, with such destructive results. Thus, we have a special moral duty to tell the Jew-haters of today that it was wrong then and it is wrong now. We must see to it that they do not repeat our mistakes!


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