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The Belyaev Family Makes Aliyah

Relieved to be in Israel

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5 Jun 2020
The Belyaev Family Makes Aliyah

For Ekaterina Belyaev and her family, it was the birth of her daughter four years ago that sparked their desire to come home to Israel.

During the Soviet era, she explained, her family had suppressed their Jewish roots. But after her daughter was born in 2016, she started reading books on parenting in Russian and noticed all the best authors on the subject were Jewish. This drove her to start attending Jewish community events in Moscow and to inquire into making Aliyah. Her husband was very supportive, and they were scheduled to come to Israel earlier this year. But then they got delayed by the pandemic and have been in limbo.

But now they are here, waiting for the end of their two-week quarantine and eager to start anew in the Jewish homeland.

“In Israel, we want to find ourselves, to work and contribute to society,” Ekaterina said. “We know that our daughter will be happy here, because Israel is a developed society and women can realize themselves in any sphere.”

Aliyah Needs for Next Week

The Christian Embassy will be sponsoring another aliyah ‘evacuation flight’ next week from the FSU, and we are aware of one particular family of five that needs rescuing from a very dire situation developing in a city well above the Arctic Circle. Connecting flights have already been arranged to bring the father, mother and three small children out of a closed disaster area and all the way to Israel.

“Our assistance for these families at this time is crucial, otherwise they would be left in limbo – without a home or income – and dependent on the charity of others in a time of economic crisis” explained Nicole Yoder, ICEJ Vice President for Aid & Aliyah. “Once they land in Israel, we are able to help provide for their basic needs during their first two weeks of quarantine until their government absorption benefits start and they can begin building a new life in the land.”


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