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ICEJ welcomes Israel Government decision on accelerated Ethiopian Aliyah

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10 Sep 2020
ICEJ welcomes Israel Government decision on accelerated Ethiopian Aliyah

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem welcomed today the decision of the Israeli cabinet last night (09/09/20) to accelerate the Aliyah process for 2000 members of the Ethiopian Jewish community still remaining in Addis Ababa and Gondar. The ICEJ also remains committed to doing all it can to assist with their successful immigration and absorption in Israeli society.

Ever since the Israeli government approved the resumption of Ethiopian Aliyah in 2015, the ICEJ has been sponsoring flights for these immigrants to reach Israel, while also stepping up its efforts to help with their integration into Israel. Over the past five years, the ICEJ has funded Aliyah flights for some 2,000 Ethiopian olim, (immigrants) through its close cooperation with the Jewish Agency for Israel and Keren HaYesod. This has included the 268 Ethiopian immigrants who have arrived on four flights this year, despite coronavirus travel bans.

“Aliyah is clearly a biblical and historical mandate for our global organization, and many times it also is an urgent humanitarian mission, which is so obvious in the case of the Ethiopian Jewish remnant still living in transit camps in Addis Ababa and Gondar after all these years.” said ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler. “We will maximize our efforts to now assist Israel with this accelerated plan for the Ethiopian return.”

The Christian Embassy has been involved in the great Ingathering of the Jewish people for forty years now, assisting nearly 160,000 Jews to make Aliyah to Israel, including 1,425 Jewish immigrants brought on ICEJ-funded flights during the coronavirus crisis in 2020.

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