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US Increasing Economic Pressure on Iran

Analysts weigh in on risks and highlights

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6 Jun 2018 (All day)
US Increasing Economic Pressure on Iran
US Undersecretary of the Treasury Sigal Mandelker issued a statement on Tuesday urging international governments to join Washington in putting pressure on Iran to curtail its support for terrorism, ballistic missiles and renegade nuclear program. "You must harden your financial networks, require your companies to do extra due diligence to keep them from being caught in Iran’s deceptive web, and make clear the very significant risks of doing business with companies and persons in Iran," she said. "To those in the private sector, I urge you to also take additional steps to ensure Iran and its proxies are not exploiting your companies to support their nefarious activities."

"The Iranian regime will deceive your companies, undermine the integrity of your financial systems, and put your institutions at risk of our powerful sanctions, all to fund terrorism, human rights abuses, and terrorist groups," she added. "You must be proactive in these efforts as Iran continues to search for ways to take advantage of your companies and countries.”

Here is a video giving some further analysis of Iran’s efforts to deceive the world

"Yesterday Ayatollah Khamenei, the ruler of Iran, declared that his intention was to destroy the State of Israel, and yesterday he explained how he would do it - with an unlimited enrichment of uranium to produce an arsenal of nuclear bombs ... We are not surprised," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video posted on Tuesday.

“Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's declaration is a sign of hysteria and mass panic in the Iranian leadership." Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman added.

Here is another video which offers some analysis of issues related to Iran


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