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UN Official Blames Hamas for Poverty in Gaza

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12 Jun 2018
UN Official Blames Hamas for Poverty in Gaza
UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov addressed the American Jewish Congress Global Forum on Monday, saying among other things that “We [the UN] need to work very closely with the Israelis, Palestinians and the Egyptians to put in place a set of measures to help people in Gaza survive and live a little bit better” and “to get from those responsible for the situation in Gaza [Hamas] a commitment to keep the situation quiet and to keep security and reduce the amount of rockets and attacks against Israel…people need an alternative to Hamas and radicalization and the ineptitude of those who should be delivering services to them but currently are not.”

“Right now, this day, where we need to start is Gaza,” he added. “The situation in Gaza is about to explode. If there is one priority that we all share it is to avoid another war in Gaza and that means acting now today, before it explodes rather then trying to fix it after…the Palestinian factions themselves have failed to live up to their own expectations and to fix this division and return the legitimate government back in control of Gaza.”

Tensions Between Israel and the Diaspora Discussed
The American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum being held in Jerusalem this week has featured lamentations by some senior Israeli officials and Diaspora leaders about the growing gaps in perceptions, priorities and ideological worldviews held by Israeli Jews and their brethren in North America. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin’s opening keynote speech included a reference to “gaps (that) are getting deeper and deeper,” between the two communities. Other speakers, however, said the tensions have been exaggerated by the media in both countries.

Austrian Leader Has Kind Words for Israel
Visiting Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz expressed sympathy for Israel’s “unique” security needs during a joint press appearance with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. Commenting that Israel lives in a “dangerous neighborhood” he added that his government will use its upcoming turn as the rotating president of the EU to “try to raise awareness in Europe for the special situation and the special security needs of Israel.” He also said that Austria “has a special responsibility towards Israel and the Jewish people.”

Here is the video of their joint press appearance

Netanyahu Questioned in ‘Bezeq Affair’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was subjected to another round of questioning by police on Tuesday morning, this time in relation to Case 4000, known as the “Bezeq Affair” and involving accusations of illegal attempts by the PM to influence Israeli media coverage of him. The questioning follows testimony provided to the police by former Netanyahu family associate Nir Hefetz, who earlier this year agreed with police to offer such testimony in exchange for protection in any potential legal proceedings going forward.


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