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Southern Israel On Alert Following Rocket Barrage

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4 Nov 2019
Southern Israel On Alert Following Rocket Barrage
Residents of southern Israeli communities were hit last Friday by a massive riot along the Gaza border fence followed hours later by a barrage of rockets from inside the Hamas-ruled territory. Air defense units intercepted most of the incoming rockets but one hit a house in the long-suffering border community of Sderot, causing nearly destroying the structure but causing no casualties as the family who lived in the house managed to get to their bomb shelter in time. The Air Force launched strikes on Hamas positions inside the Strip in retaliation and by Monday morning a tense calm had returned to the border area. However, security forces remained on high alert as the funeral for a Palestinian man killed in the retaliatory strikes included chants calling for “revenge” against Israel.
For its part, Hamas denied a report that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group had launched the rockets at Israel without clearing the plan with Hamas leadership, saying they are in full control of the situation inside the Strip. PIJ sources said that “rogue elements” had fired the rockets, but statements by other sources in the Strip contradicted this. Elsewhere, a Hamas official boasted that Israel was unable to cope with the situation in the Strip because of its lack of a governing coalition.

Police Arrest Ten in Corruption Investigation
The National Financial Investigations Unit of the Lahav 433 special police battalion in conjunction with the Central District Attorney's criminal department moved Monday morning to arrest 10 suspects and detain nine others for questioning following a months-long undercover investigation into allegations of financial corruption. The individuals arrested included the mayor of a city in northern Israel, the CEO of a large contracting firm, a Regional council chief and lower level officials in different municipalities.

Israeli Officials Tweets Sympathy for Iraqi Protesters
Israel's Foreign Minister Israel Katz tweeted a sympathetic message to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have taken to the streets in recent weeks to protest against the mismanagement of the country by the Baghdad regime, saying "We sympathize with the Iraqi people's struggle for freedom and a good life and strongly condemn the acts of repression and murder against the protesters, led by Qasem Soleimani and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. The Iraqi people have a tradition and ancient and magnificent history, and many Iraqi immigrants in Israel for the better remember many years of living together."

Demonstrations in Iraq over the weekend included extreme acts of violence including the torching of the Iranian consulate in Karbala, while dozens of protesters were reportedly killed and wounded in clashes with security forces in different parts of the country. Still, protests were expected to continue through the week, with protesters telling Western journalists they’ve got nothing left to lose.

In Lebanon, a similar dynamic was playing out, as demonstrations have continued despite the resignation of the Prime Minister and pleas for unity by 84-year old President Michel Aoun.

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