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Netanyahu Returns from European Tour

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8 Jun 2018 (All day)
Netanyahu Returns from European Tour
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned to Israel from his tour of European capitals Thursday evening. Highlights of the trip on Thursday included an interview and Q&A session at the Policy Exchange think tank in London in which he said, among other things, that Israel’s strikes on Iranian military targets in Syria are understood by Iran’s ally, Russia, as “what any country would do when faced with a foe out to destroy it.” Regarding his talks with European leaders aimed at pushing back Iran’s efforts to build military infrastructure in Syria, he added. “I found considerable agreement from all three countries...I think if we have learned anything from history, you don’t accommodate an aggressive regime taking territory and building up armaments to destroy you. Bad things should be opposed at their beginnings, not after they become horrendously dangerous.”

He also answered questions about the recent riots in Gaza, saying that the Israeli tactics used to contain the violence was in line with normative governmental behaviour everywhere in the world.

“We tried tear gas [and] all sorts of other devices, and none have worked against this type of tactic,” Netanyahu said. “Hamas’s goal was to have as many casualties; our goal was to minimize casualties and avoid fatalities. When I talk with European leaders, I always say ‘What would you do?’ The last thing we want is any violence or casualties. No country in the world [has offered an alternative] – I spoke to every country you can imagine.”

Here is the video of his full interview

Tel Aviv Holds Events to ‘Celebrate Gay Pride’
An estimated 200,000 people joined the annual “Gay Pride Parade” in Tel Aviv on Friday, making it one of the largest such events in the world. Event organizers boasted that there are “Pride” parades scheduled to take place in several other Israeli cities over the coming weeks, culminating in an event in Jerusalem in August which will be a specifically “political” statement. Senior officials from Israel’s Ministry of Tourism as well as the Tel Aviv city council participated in “Pride” events throughout the week, including Friday’s parade.

Gaza Border Residents Respond to Kite Jihad
Israeli residents of the Gaza Border envelope began a large-scale reforesting effort on Friday to replace the hundreds of trees burnt by incendiary kites sent into Israeli territory from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Ofir Levstein, a resident of the community of Kfar Aza, initiated the project. “Families, farmers, the old and the young – everyone is invited (to participate in planting trees)," he wrote on Facebook this week. “We’re taking responsibility and creating the reality. They burn and we plant.”

The tree seedlings to be planted will be provided by Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF). Aapproximately 697 acres of KKL-JNF forests have been destroyed by the kite-born arson attacks in recent weeks.

Today’s video shows another way Israel is blessing the world



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