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Netanyahu Makes Major Policy Speech in Jerusalem

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6 Dec 2017 (All day)
Netanyahu Makes Major Policy Speech in Jerusalem
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a policy address at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in the capital’s Waldorf Astoria hotel Wednesday afternoon, reiterating his determination to confront Iran, especially on Israel’s northern border. However, in his 22 minute address, he did not mention the imminent speech by US President Donald Trump which is expected to include a statement of US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “We have to act now against Iran,” Netanyahu said. “We will not let them establish themselves in Syria. We mean what we say and we say what we mean.”

Here is the video of his full speech

Palestinian Factions Declare Days of Rage
Several Palestinian factions announced three “days of rage” to commence on Wednesday morning and run through Friday in response to the expected announcement by US President Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving forward with plans to move the US Embassy there. However, severe winter weather including powerful winds and torrential rains in Jerusalem and much of the rest of Israel appeared to be keeping many would-be riots under control as of Wednesday afternoon.

The factions issued a joint statement Tuesday evening declaring that President Trump's policy amounted to "political blackmail, which would destroy his ability to achieve regional or colonialist achievements in the region." It went on to say, "We call on all our people in Israel and around the world to gather in city centers and Israeli embassies and consulates, with the aim of bringing about general popular anger…a huge protest should be launched in order to reject out of hand the attempts of the US administration to transfer the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem or recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel. The right of the people and the nation to act in all legal and diplomatic ways within the international community, the international law in the Hague, in order to torpedo this attempt.”

Hariri Rescinds Resignation as PM of Lebanon
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced on Tuesday afternoon that he is officially rescinding his resignation following a promise he had secured from other factions in the Lebanese government, including the Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah, to refrain from interfering in conflicts in other Arab countries. Some analysts expressed bewilderment at the announcement, pointing out that Hezbollah forces remain deployed in Syria, Iran, Yemen and elsewhere in the region with no apparent signs of their intention to disengage in the near future.

Israel Hit with Severe Winter Weather
Jerusalem and much of the rest of Israel were hit by torrential rains and strong winds on Wednesday, prompting an increased number of calls to emergency services and traffic jams. Officials with the Israel Water Authority expressed optimism that the precipitation would go a long way towards refilling the Sea of Galilee as well as the country’s main aquafers.


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