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Netanyahu Heads Home Following Summit With Trump

Arab League Leads Harsh Pushback

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17 Feb 2017 (All day)
Netanyahu Heads Home Following Summit With Trump
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on his way back to Israel Friday morning after a series of meetings in Washington which culminated in a summit with US President Trump and a joint press conference in which Trump appeared to waver on long-standing US support for the Two-State solution. Reactions to this statement came quickly from around the world, with many governments and NGOs declaring emphatically that the Two-State solution was the only acceptable path forward.

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit issued a statement on Thursday declaring, among other things, that the idea of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem would lead to a strong backlash among already restive populations in nearly every Middle Eastern country. He also re-iterated that the Two-State solution remained the only viable path forward for ending the generational conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

These sentiments were echoed by governments and non-governmental organizations around the Arab, Moslem and Western worlds.

Here are the videos of Netanyahu’s visit to Washington


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