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Kite Jihad Continues to Burn Israeli Fields

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11 Jun 2018 (All day)
Kite Jihad Continues to Burn Israeli Fields
Even as Israeli firefighters continued to battle blazes set by incendiary kites flown into Israeli territory from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip on Sunday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Office announced that a tunneldug underneath the beach and designed to allow infiltration into Israeli territorial waters had recently been destroyed. In related news, reports emerged over the weekend that Israel has made an official complaint to the UN Security Council over assistance the Lebanese Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah has rendered to Hamas.

“We are witnessing the implications of the Hamas terror regime in Gaza and now Hamas is strengthening its ties with Hezbollah. With the approval and support of Iran, Hamas is working to establish its capabilities in Lebanese territory as well,” said Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon in an official letter to the Security Council and the General Assembly. “The cooperation between Hezbollah and Hamas crosses borders. Israel does not intend to sit idly when facing new and old threats and will do whatever is necessary to protect its citizens.”

In related news, US Middle East negotiator Jason Greenblatt wrote an editorial in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper on Sunday entitled, “Trump Mideast envoy: The Palestinians deserve so much more than Saeb Erekat” outlining his opinion that the PA’s chief negotiator should retire and give someone else a chance to try and come to an agreement with Israel.

Austrian Chancellor Visits Jerusalem
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City on Sunday in what was described as a “private visit.” The incident nonetheless raised eyebrows as European Union officials have avoided the site for many years as the EU officially considers the Western Wall “occupied territory.” Kurz also visited Yad Vashem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on Sunday, and is scheduled to hold meetings with various Israeli officials on Monday and Tuesday, although he is not scheduled to meet with any officials from the Palestinian Authority.

Al Quds Day Rallies Held in Dozens of Cities
Rallies to mark the Iranian-invented occasion of “Quds Day” were held in cities around the world on Sunday, including in London where the large crowd included several individuals brandishing flags of the Lebanese Shi’ite terror militia Hezbollah, despite efforts by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to ban them. A large counter-demonstration was also held near the Saudi Arabian Embassy, chosen by “Quds Day” organizers as the starting point of their demonstration because of the growing ties between Riyadh and Jerusalem.

Jordan Gets Some Economic Relief from Gulf States
Jordanian citizens protesting against financial austerity measures and new taxes got some good news on Monday, as the governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates announced assistance to the government in Amman totaling $2.5 billion. The assistance will come in the form of direct cash grants, development projects and loan guarantees.

Major US University Opens Branch in Israel
The movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel suffered another defeat last week when Thomas Jefferson University in the US state of Pennsylvania announced the opening of a satellite office in Jerusalem for the purpose of building on its already robust relationships with several Israeli universities and building new ones. The University is a hub of medical and healthcare research and development in the US and already partners with several other large institutions in different countries around the world.

Drought in Israel Prompting Renewed Interest in De-Salinization
Israel’s cabinet discussed the ongoing drought in the country at Sunday’s meeting, authorizing a new plan to pump de-salinated water into the Sea of Galilee (Kinerret) during the winter months. Admitting that the plan was “not conventional, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “when we desalinate water in the winter it’s wasted, there’s no use for it. We’re turning the Kinneret into a reservoir of desalinated water.” Additionally, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz announced at the meeting that he has authorized the construction of two new desalinization plants, although his Ministry admitted that these plans will not produce new supplies of water for several years.

Today's video shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu giving the keynote address at Sunday’s meeting of the American Jewish Congress’s annual convention in Jerusalem.


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