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Israelis Prepare for Yom Kippur

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8 Oct 2019
Israelis Prepare for Yom Kippur
A poll conducted in recent days by the Guttman Center at the Israel Democracy Institute think tank indicated that nearly two thirds of Israeli Jews are preparing to abstain from food (fast) on Yom Kippur, the Biblical festival which begins Tuesday evening at sunset and ends Wednesday evening at sunset. A smaller but still substantial percentage of Israeli Jews plan on attending prayer services in a synagogue on Yom Kippur, while millions of children plan on taking advantage of the traditional lack of cars on the roads during the holiday to ride their bikes and otherwise play in the streets.

Israel Closely Watching Events in Syria
In light of the announcement Monday evening by US President Donald Trump that he is pulling all remaining US military forces out of north-eastern Syria while warning Turkey that he is prepared to act against its economy if a threatened military invasion includes war crimes, Israeli officials hinted that they will seek closer cooperation with Russia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on Monday about his recent phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying “We have great challenges around us, but we enjoy important cooperation and coordination with Russia, something that is critical for us, and which we will continue to deal with.”

Here are some media which give insights into the current situation in Syria and Turkey


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