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Israel Supplying Maternity Hospital in Southern Syria

Assad Regime Complains About Israel to the UN

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6 Dec 2017 (All day)
Israel Supplying Maternity Hospital in Southern Syria
Reports emerged on Wednesday that the Israeli military has built a maternity hospital on the Syrian side of the border in the Golan Heights at the request of physicians in Syria and under the auspices of Israel’s Operation Good Neighbour project. “You can’t stand from the side and see your neighbour dying and living in hard conditions and know that you can help them and not do so,” an IDF officer involved in the project said. Israel is working with “Syrian doctors, health care teams, people in municipalities, mayors, bakers and civilian people who can help the population,” he added. The details provided were the location of the hospital in the village of Bariqa in the Quneitra region, that the staff was made up of Syrian medical teams, and all of this was supplied and equipped by Israel. Over 200 women have been treated at the hospital in the first two weeks of its operations, while over 30 have given birth there.

“We are working for the civilians and are thinking this action will be able to secure the Israeli-Syrian border,” the officer said. “Of course we have some interest. We are thinking that they will understand that Israel is the only country that helps them so they will keep this border quiet. But the most important thing is that we took a decision not just to sit on the fence and see people slaughtered and suffering every day – we decided to help them.”

He added that Israel has also sent large shipments of humanitarian supplies to villages along the border, including food, blankets and winter clothing, diesel fuel for heating and other necessities.

Here is a video about Operation Good Neighbor

Meanwhile, officials of the Assad regime sent official complaints to the UN on Tuesday accusing Israel of collaborating with rebel factions to coordinate air strikes on regime military facilities near Damascus in the last several days.


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