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Israel’s Political Scene Roiled by Allegations and Scandals

ZU Leader Implies Christian Co-Ownership of Western Wall

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Posted on: 
13 Jun 2018
Israel’s Political Scene Roiled by Allegations and Scandals
Reports surfaced on Tuesday evening that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been questioned in the Case 3000 “Submarines Affair” during his session with the Israeli Police’s Lahav 433 Fraud investigations unit, not Case 4000 (the so-called “Bezeq Affair” regarding accusations of improper media influence) as had been widely anticipated. The Prime Minister’s Office released a statement saying: “Prime Minister Netanyahu gave open testimony in Case 3000. He elaborated on the range of professional considerations that guided him in his decision-making regarding submarines and naval vessels and their importance to national security.”

“The prime minister welcomes the opportunity given to him to clarify the picture in its entirety and put an end once and for all to the false allegations made against him by politicians and others,” the statement added.

There are several more developments expected this week in the various investigations surrounding the PM.

In other political news, Zionist Union leader Avi Gabbay was attempting damage control this week following a speech he gave on Monday at the AJC’s Global Forum which included a comment that appeared to grant Christians partial ownership of the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.

“All of you, brothers and sisters, ultra-Orthodox or Orthodox, Conservative or Reform, affiliated or unaffiliated, Christian or non-Christian, you are all our brothers and sisters,” Gabbay said during his speech. “That is why the Kotel [Western Wall] belongs to all of us equally.”

The statement was met with shock and outrage from some quarters, although a Zionist Union statement said it was merely an innocent mistake prompted by a desire to show politeness to Christian friends of Israel who were in the audience.

However, the gaffe came amidst reports that he directed his faction to pay a private company NIS 1 million to operate social media pages that attacked Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid. Lapid’s demand that the tactic be discontinued was met with a scornful rebuttal by the Zionist Union.

“We don’t understand Lapid’s crybaby campaign,” the ZU said in a statement. “Everything was done by law and was properly reported. Those who get hysterical over a Facebook page that presents only the truth and proven facts must ask himself if he chose the correct profession.”

However, Gabbay had issued a previous statement denying the reports.


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