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Iranian General Threatens to ‘Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa’

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12 Feb 2019 (All day)
Iranian General Threatens to ‘Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa’
Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) General Yadollah Javani made a speech Monday to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in which he said, among other things, that his forces would “raze Haifa and Tel Aviv to the ground” in response to an attack by the US or any other country. “I do not ignore the Iranian regime’s threats, but I’m not impressed by them either,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in response. “If this regime makes the terrible mistake and tries to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa, it will not succeed, but it will be the last Revolution Day that they will celebrate. They should take this into account.”

Elsewhere, US National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted on Monday that on its 40th anniversary, the regime birthed by the 1979 Islamic Revolution “has failed to fulfill its promises to uphold and safeguard the rights of its citizens.”

Here is a video which gives some analysis of the current situation in Iran

Labor Holds Primaries Ahead of Elections
Israel’s storied Labor Party held primaries Monday ahead of the general elections scheduled for 9 April, anointing two individuals who were a key part of socioeconomic protests in 2011 to the top of their electoral slate. Longtime party activists filled out the rest of the top ten names on the list, while many analysts have openly wondered if the faction, which has been a fixture of Israeli politics for decades, will manage to earn enough support from voters to seat more than a handful of MKs in the next Knesset.

In other political developments, a representative of the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party declared before the High Court of Justice on Monday that his faction had no specific regulation forbidding women to join and theoretically even run for election on its list.

Israeli Tank Fires at Targets in Syria
The simmering border between Israel’s Golan Heights and Syria saw a flare-up late Monday as an Israeli tank fired at an unspecified target in the city of Quneitra, inside territory controlled by forces loyal to the Assad regime. The incident was reported by Syrian state news agency SANA.

Venezuelan President Looking to Mend Ties with Israel
Juan Guaido, who has been recognized by dozens of governments around the world as the legitimate leader of Venezuela despite the refusal of socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who is supported by Russia and China, to step aside, said on Monday that he would work to re-establish good diplomatic relations with Israel. "I am very happy to report that the process of stabilizing relations with Israel is at its height," Guaido told Israel Hayom. "This (Jewish) community is very active and prosperous, one which has contributed greatly to our society."

Virgin Atlantic to Launch Daily London to Tel Aviv Route
In the latest defeat for the movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel, British airliner Virgin Atlantic announced this week that it will soon begin a new daily route between London’s Heathrow and Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airports. “Tel Aviv represents a fantastic opportunity for us – Israel’s economy is booming. And as one of the world’s leading tech hubs, we’re anticipating many business travelers and entrepreneurs flying between Tel Aviv and the UK,” said Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss.

“The entry of one of the world’s leading airlines into Israel is another expression of confidence in the Israel tourism product,” said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin. “The new flights will be integrated with the marketing campaign in Europe, which highlights Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I am convinced that, with the entry of Virgin Atlantic into Israel, we will see continued growth in incoming tourism from the UK.”

Today's video is a celebration Israel’s Women and Girls in Science


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