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Iran Reportedly Redeploying from Israel’s Northern Border

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Posted on: 
1 Jun 2018 (All day)
Iran Reportedly Redeploying from Israel’s Northern Border
Reports emerged on Thursday that Iranian forces and their Shi’ite proxy militias in southern Syria are preparing to redeploy further north, following a week of intense meetings between representatives from Israel, Jordan, the US and Russia aimed at achieving this objective. "Israel appreciates Russia's understanding of our security needs, especially with regard to the situation on our northern border,” Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said. "It is important to continue the dialogue and to keep an open line between the IDF and the Russian army."

Here are two videos which give some insight into what's going on in Iran today

Rivlin Hosts Meeting with Israeli-Arab Community Leaders
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin hosted an “Iftar” dinner to end the Ramadan fast with leaders of Israel’s Arab Moslem communities on Wednesday. During the evening, Shari’a Court National Administrator Iyad Zahalka asked Rivlin to exert his influence to have Islam officially recognized in Israel so that mosques, cultural and educational institutions would be eligible for government funding and other support. The assembled leaders also asked Rivlin to, among other things, direct the police to collect illegal weapons that are being used by the criminal elements in their communities, which have produced a climate of lawlessness and terror among ordinary citizens there.

Among the guests at the dinner were leaders of Israel’s Arab Christian communities as well as law enforcement officers as well as leading artists, business leaders and others. On Thursday, Rivlin attended another meeting aimed at bringing together leaders from Arab and Jewish neighbourhoods of Jerusalem to improve life for all residents of the city.

Israel and UK Sign Scientific Cooperation Agreement
The effort to Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Israel suffered another crushing defeat this week when Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis and his British counterpart Sam Gima signed an agreement to cooperate in research related to science, technology and innovation. “This is a clear and strong message to organizations that  call for academic boycotts of Israel,” Akunis said. The agreement was signed amidst the International Conference of Science Ministers, held in Jerusalem and attended by government ministers from dozens of countries.

Blue Whale Spotted Off Israel’s Southern Coast
Israel had a surprise visitor this week, a blue whale which was spotted several times loitering in the Red Sea off the coast of the southern resort city of Eilat. The species, which is beginning to make a rebound after being nearly hunted to extinction, is rarely seen in the waters of the Middle East. 


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