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Iran Blames ‘US-Israel Plot’ for IAEA Probe

Analysts Weigh in With Risks and Highlights

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12 Sep 2019
Iran Blames ‘US-Israel Plot’ for IAEA Probe
Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Kazem Gharibabadi, said in a statement to an IAEA Board of Governors meeting this week that "Since two days before this session of the Board, we are witnessing a U.S.-Israeli plot with the support of their affiliated media." So far this is the only response Iranian officials have given to questions raised by the IAEA regarding traces of uranium its inspectors found at a site in Teheran which Israeli officials have said was used for the clandestine development of nuclear weapons but which Iranian officials insist was a carpet cleaning factory.

Meanwhile, Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer, told his guests at a diplomatic event he hosted at Israel’s embassy in Washington on Tuesday that “What is important now is to stay the course, stand up to Iran’s aggression and continue ratcheting up the pressure until Iran abandons its nuclear ambitions once and for all. Israel looks forward to working with the Trump administration to do just that in the year ahead.”

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rohouni told a meeting of his cabinet in a statement meant for US officials and partially in response to the firing by US President Donald Trump of his National Security Advisor John Bolton that Washington "must understand that bellicosity and warmongering don't work in their favor. Both...must be abandoned."

Here is a video giving some analysis of the standoff with Iran


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