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IAEA reports says Iran complying with Geneva agreement so far

Kerry addresses Iran at AIPAC Conference

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4 Mar 2014 (All day)
IAEA reports says Iran complying with Geneva agreement so far

The UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) watchdog released a report on Monday saying Iran has reduced its stockpiles of 20% enriched uranium in line with the agreement reached in Geneva in November 2013 with the P5+1 nuclear powers (US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany.) "As of today, measures agreed under the Joint Plan of Action are being implemented as planned," said Yukiya Amano, director general of the IAEA. He added that Iran’s actions have taken it to “the halfway mark" of the agreement. "The measures implemented by Iran, and the further commitments it has undertaken, represent a positive step forward, but much remains to be done to resolve all outstanding issues." Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John Kerry addressed plans for dealing with Iran during his speech Monday evening before the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

“Security— security is what this president is committed to,” Kerry said. “And so too is he committed to using the full force of our diplomacy to resolve the two great questions that most matter to a security for Israel that can never be shaken: preventing a nuclear Iran, and ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Declaring that the current round of diplomatic efforts are the “last, best chance to have diplomacy work— and maybe the last chance for some time” Kerry added his position that “those who say strike, and hit, need to go look at what happens after you’ve done that. Only strong diplomacy can guarantee that a nuclear weapons program actually goes away.”


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