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In Defense of Israel

This is an urgent hour and Christian support for Israel is being tested

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16 Nov 2012 (All day)
In Defense of Israel

Dear Friends,

Just a few months ago I wrote an article wherein I stated that I felt that conflict was imminent in Israel and that Christians who stand with Israel should now, more than ever, get beyond the endless debates that go on in this regard and dedicate themselves to helping the Jewish people. Just 70 odd years ago the Church was silent when 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and now another 6 million Jews in Israel are in the “cross-hairs” of the guns and missiles of radical Muslims who have for decades given notice of their intentions to remove her into the sea!

Relief Under Fire

Our team was first on the scene to give humanitarian aid to families in the building and neighborhood of Kiryat Malachi where three Israelis were killed in a direct rocket hit during the latest round of attack from Gaza. Help us »

Emboldened by their conquest of Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt they are moving on to take down Syria and Jordan. Israel however, remains their number one target and they have demonstrated in recent months that they are quite prepared to escalate this conflict by attacking Israel with hundreds of missiles some of which have now fallen on Tel Aviv. Behind the scenes Iran is “pulling the strings” that it has firmly attached to Hamas and Hezbollah on the northern border of Israel. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, the founding force behind Hamas, is now threatening to enter the conflict and, of course in the background, is Iran with its hopes of acquiring a nuclear weapon and of using it against Israel. This, my friends, is a very urgent hour and the true metal of biblical Christian Zionists will be tested.

Sadly, the wider world, including much of the western world, has ignored the constant missile attacks against Israel’s southern towns and villages electing rather to support the agenda of jihadists and thugs who know that the wider world is weak and incapable of stopping them. All this coupled with a growing international campaign to discredit Israel, delegitimize her and smear her as the second apartheid state has left Israel isolated and without many friends. Even the extent of America’s support is in question today! It too will now be tested.

In this very troubling hour we recognize that Israel has a God in Heaven who will stand up on her behalf. Her defensive response to Hamas, and of late the Syrians, is right and appropriate. The Bible affirms that there is a time for war when a people are faced with constant terrorism and aggression. We must be morally clear on this matter at this time and not swerve from our strong support of Israel. The new anti-Semitism is manifested in a cruel and sustained attack by Muslim jihadists and sadly by western academics and politicians who have done everything to delegitimize the Jewish State and weaken her. This struggle began ages ago when God first called Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldees and set in motion a redemptive initiative that has greatly blessed all the families of the earth. It will not stop; but it will be overcome by prayer, material support and action. The latter is crucial and I urge you everywhere to get into this battle by making your voice heard. Do not be silent! Israel needs us and we have for decades trumpeted our support of her so now is the time to act and prove the truth of our words.

In closing may I say that our eyes are upon the God of Israel who always watches over her. He may lead her through troubles and trials but He will not abandon her. Her future is glorious and the demise of her enemies is certain but we have to follow the dictates of His word and stand with her. If not now; when?

Rev. Malcolm Hedding.
Vice-Chairman, ICEJ Board of Directors


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