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Hanukkah Immigrant Assistance

Bring light where needed most

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Holocaust Survivors

Dear Friends,

Hanukkah is a wonderful celebration of light and freedom and a time to remember the miracles of God in Israel’s past and in her present.

For new immigrants in Israel, it is also a celebration of their new-found freedom living in their own country. Many, however, will find it hard to celebrate due to the struggles they face such as learning a new language, finding a job, and starting life all over again.

I want to ask you to please bring light this Hanukkah season to those needing it the most. Together we can help these new immigrants with basic needs such as food, housing, employment counseling, and mentoring. 

Let your light shine this Hanukkah and bless a needy family in Israel. Please send a special Hanukkah donation today.

For Zion’s Sake,

Susan M. Michael
US Director, ICEJ




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