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Understanding Israel

The history, mystery & battle for Israel in our day

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After 2,000 years of exile the Jewish people have returned to their ancient homeland. It is an unprecedented event - yet one clearly promised in the pages of scripture. Almost seven decades after Israel’s rebirth there is a global propaganda campaign seeking to rewrite history and delegitimize Israel.

This seminar provides the facts about Israel's history, conflict, and biblical hope by offering scriptural answers to difficult questions, including:

  • Why did God choose Abraham?
  • Who are the modern day Israelis?
  • How did the current conflict begin?
  • Should the Church take sides?
  • What really motivates Christian Zionism?

Participant Testimonials

"Not only was this seminar one of the most impressive portraits of the history of Israel, but you connect her present day challenges so that a lay person could understand. Time flew by. I wanted to hear more..."  

"The presentation was outstanding. Very easy to understand."

"I found your program hugely informational and inspirational."

 Upcoming Seminars:

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