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For Such a Time as This

Raising up a generation to stand with the Jewish people

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When World War II ended and the full horror of Hitler's 'Final Solution' became known, the world made the vow: "Never Again." In little over 60 years, anti-Semitism is once again on the rise across Europe, the Middle East and even here in the US.

Using a compelling combination of interactive media, eye-witness testimony and drama, For Such a Time as This puts a human face on the greatest of human tragedies, bringing home the stories of the victims and the heroes alike.

For Such a Time as This will equip you to become part of a generation that is willing to:

  1. Recognize the roots of antisemitism
  2. Learn from the heroes of the Holocaust
  3. Stand for truth, despite the cost
  4. Live for God in Such a Time as This

A Pastor's Perspective

“It was a time of reflection for me as a pastor. It made me ask myself some very big questions about what I believe and what I am willing to do for Jesus... That seminar has forever put a mark on my heart about my passions, my faith, and my calling... It must be heard."

Participant Testimonials

"The Seminar is a must for all truth-seeking Christians... professionally and passionately executed."

"I cannot express how impressed we all were with every area of the seminar."

Upcoming Seminars:

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