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Discerning the Times

And YOUR place in what God is doing today

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Your Place in History • The Importance of Israel • What God is Doing in the Islamic World
The Plight of the Persecuted Church • Miracles in the Middle East

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As Christians, we are called to “be like the sons of Isachaar” to “understand the times” in which we live.

Discerning the Times is a unique half-day seminar designed to help Christians understand more about the days in which we live: the shift in Christianity away from historic anti-Semitism, the role of Israel, the rise of Islam, and the ways God is moving in the midst of it all.

This seminar will not only inform and inspire you, but will equip those in your local church community to:

  • Reject historical anti-Semitism
  • Grasp the miracle of Israel’s rebirth
  • Understand the growing influence of Islam
  • Pray for the persecuted church

A Pastor's Perspective

“Every pastor needs this information. I have never before in my life experienced more biblical truth coupled with historical realities of the Middle East packed into a half-day seminar like this one. The time is now for this kind of teaching..." 

Participant Testimonials

"It left me with awareness to lose my complacency and pay attention to spiritual events around the world..."

"I came away with a better world view of where the Church can help Israel and pray for the country..."

"A deeper insight into God's plans for Jerusalem and for the world, and how I fit into His plans..."

Upcoming Seminars:

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