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Aliyah is on the Rise

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Just last week your donations helped fund an Aliyah flight for 57 Russian-speaking Jews.

This brings to 1,000 the total number of new Jewish immigrants (Olim) the ICEJ has sponsored on flights to Israel since February.

These newest arrivals needed a total of nine connecting flights, crossing some eight time zones all across the former Soviet Union, before flying in to Tel Aviv early on Tuesday.

Aliyah on the Rise

Interest in moving to Israel is on the rise. Many Jewish families worldwide are hastening their plans to immigrate to Israel, a country they view as safer and better positioned for economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis.

In response, we are working with Israeli and Jewish Agency officials and have been arranging ‘evacuation flights’ over the past three months to bring new immigrants home to Israel.

In addition to flights, the ICEJ has covered many of the extra costs for making Aliyah during this season. This included two-week stays in coronavirus-mandated quarantine for 292 of the new immigrants once they reached Israel.

Aliyah Brings Hope

“The coronavirus pandemic has brought much suffering and negative headlines all over the world, but one of the positive stories coming out of this crisis is the surprising surge in Aliyah, as many Jewish families are seeking a way to reach Israel as soon as possible”, said ICEJ President Dr. Jürgen Bühler. “We are both honored and elated to play a key role in this unique chapter in the modern-day return to Israel, as even a global pandemic could not stop Jewish people from finding their way home to Israel.”


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