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Operation Hope

Helping Christian victims of Muslim persecution

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In 2006, the ICEJ established 'Operation Hope' to initially meet the urgent needs of some of the 2,500 Sudanese refugees that crossed into Israel from Egypt fleeing the Khartoum regime's genocide and ethnic cleansing campaign in the South and the western Darfur region. Since then, we have been actively involved in providing humanitarian relief to the Christian victims of Muslim persecution, providing aid to African victims of human trafficking and sending humanitarian relief to the Syrian Christian community.

More recently, the world has been shocked beyond words by the inhuman carnage and brutality being exhibited by the Islamic State terror militia in Iraq over recent months, especially against the ancient Iraqi Christian community and other minorities.

The ISIS jihadists are carrying out public beheadings, hangings and crucifixions on a daily basis all across northwest Iraq, just like in eastern Syria. In village after village, its militiamen have swept in and executed the men, raped the women, and enslaved the children. These beastly tactics have led some world leaders, despite widespread war fatigue from the prolonged conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, to urge that the West re-engage militarily in Iraq.

Sadly, few of these global statesmen are citing the plight of the embattled Christians of the Middle East as sufficient cause for standing up to the jihadists. They are more worried about terror finding its way to Western shores, as it did in 9/11 or the London Underground bombings. The region's Christians have largely been abandoned, just as they have been for decades.

We must speak out on their behalf like never before. Please pray for our fellow Christians in the Middle East. And make your voice heard in your own countries that the slaughter and hemorrhaging of these ancient Christian communities must be stopped!

If you would like to donate to the ICEJ's relief efforts on behalf of Iraqi and Syrian Christians, please give today to our Operation Hope fund, which helps Middle East Christians facing Muslim persecution. 


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