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About Our Speakers

Bringing Understanding on Israel, the Middle East and More

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ICEJ: Speakers

The ICEJ's Speakers Bureau is diverse in its expertise and repertoire.  At each meeting the Word of God is opened, and insight about Israel and current events is shared. From varied countries and backgrounds each speaker brings a unique gift to the meetings they host.

ICEJ Speaker: Dr. Juergen Buehler

Dr. Jürgen Bühler

ICEJ President
Jürgen Bühler is an ordained minister of the German Pentecostal Federation whose grasp of biblical theology and unique insight into issues relating to Israel, the church and the nations have placed him in great demand as a speaker all over the world. Read more »

ICEJ: David Parsons

Pastor David Parsons

ICEJ Vice President – Senior International Spokesman
David Parsons is an attorney, writer and Middle East specialist. Writing and editing for both ICEJ publications and broadcasts in addition to Israeli publications, David is a sought after speaker both in Israel and abroad. Read more »
ICEJ Speaker: Rev. Malcolm Hedding

Rev. Malcolm Hedding

ICEJ International Spokesman
Malcolm Hedding is an acclaimed international speaker on Israel and the Church in these crucial and challenging times. He travels extensively, bringing a unique understanding of the Word of God to the Body of Christ across the world. Read more »

ICEJ: Susan Michael

Dr. Susan Michael

ICEJ USA Director
Susan Michael has pioneered the development of the ICEJ in the US and around the world. Her experience working with Arabs, Jews and Christians has equipped her to handle delicate topics central to understanding Israel with extradoinary clarity and grace. Read more »

ICEJ: Daryl Hedding

Daryl Hedding

ICEJ USA Deputy Director
Daryl Hedding was raised in South Africa and Israel.  He has worked for the ministry in Jerusalem, Washington, D.C. and now Tennessee where he serves as Deputy Director for the US Branch and Strategic Development Director for the ministry's headquarters. Read more »

ICEJ Peter Ecenroad

Peter Ecenroad

ICEJ USA Arise Director
Peter Ecenroad, a dynamic speaker, has shared at young adult gatherings, festivals, and conferences in fifteen countries around the globe. He presents outstanding seminars about the importance of support for the modern State of Israel, and what lies behind the turmoil that keeps world attention riveted on the Middle East. Read more »


John Vedder

ICEJ USA Church Relations Coordinator
Raised in Auburn, AL, John grew up in the First United Methodist Church of Opelika. He obtained a bachelor’s degree  from Auburn University in Human Development and Family Studies. Read more »


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